Who’d benefit from a workshop?

Anyone who feels lonely and doesn’t like it.

Anyone who feels isolated, disconnected, out of touch, alienated.

Anyone with a busy life who feels invisible, unheard, unloved.

Anyone who has a loved one, colleague, patient, friend, client or neighbour who feels this way.

The truth is that everyone feels lonely some of the time, and many of us feel lonely all the time.

Many studies focus on the over-60s, but think of the people in the groups listed below, who say that their circumstances mean they are chronically lonely for all sorts of reasons. Hundreds of studies estimate between 30-52% in these varied groups feel lonely. This is only a small sample of groups – who would you add?

ex-pats, priests, business leaders, prisoners, depressed or anxious, prison guards, carers at home, empty nesters, immigrants and migrant workers, long distance commuters, single mums, university  students, boarding school kids, bullied kids, bullies, writers, home workers, homeless, housebound, bed-bound, farmers, low-paid workers, unhappily married, divorced and separated, single, bereaved, those with ill and dying loved ones, retired, unemployed, overworked, nonentities, celebrities, the poor, the rich, aged under 10, aged between 10-60, aged over 60+

In other words, lonely people can be any age, colour, creed, earnings bracket, location, gender, status, shoe size, IQ level… You may never realise it because most keep their lonely feelings hidden, but in your address book will be a lot of lonely people.

If you feel lonely… you’re not alone!

Come to the workshop and learn the secret to feeling connected to life, and banish loneliness.


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