Book now (UK)

How to book, and how to save money (UK)

How to book? Simple as a, b, c

a – Just fill in the form below and hit ‘submit’. 

b – I’ll then send you an invoice depending on which way you prefer to pay*.

c – You whizz off the payment, and I’ll let you know when it’s arrived.

Any last-minute details, directions to the venue, what to bring, and so on, I’ll email to you a week before the workshop.

*You can choose how you prefer to pay. In the UK, you have three easy options, depending on your personal preferences.

* I can send you a Paypal invoice which is easy and secure to pay. You don’t even need a Paypal account. See how it works here.

* If you’re not geared up to make online payments, you can make an instant (free) transfer from your bank branch to mine, which should only need your bank card.

* If you’re happier paying by cheque, that’s also fine, as long as the cheque clears at least 48 hours before the workshop (which means getting it to me two weeks earlier – banks don’t like cheques any more and take ages to process them).

To book your place at a workshop, please complete and submit this form:

How much?

The full day’s course in the UK (for Romanian workshops, click here) costs just £137, which includes a light lunch and two coffee/tea breaks…

… but…

Here are the money-off deals at the moment (I’ll come to my senses any time soon):

* Bring one or two people with you (book a minimum of two places per date) and you only pay £97 each (that’s a bargain £40 off)

* Bring more people (book a minimum of three places per date) and you only pay £87 each (that’s a silly £50 off!)

* Bring a group (book a minimum of six places per date) and you only pay £77 each (that’s an loony £60 off! Each!)

moneyback1Money-back guarantee

No quibbles. If you come, do the full day, and leave feeling you didn’t get your money’s worth, I will refund the fee you paid (pro rata if you booked as part of a group). I won’t even ask you to pay something towards lunch – that’s on me.


You can cancel without penalty any time up to a week before the workshop (eg: workshop is Monday 13 May – cancellation deadline is 11.59pm, Sunday 5 May). In other words, as long as you give me a week’s notice, I will refund 100% of the workshop fee (pro rata if you booked as part of a group). And I’ll give you an automatic 10% discount if you rebook within 12 months.

If you have to cancel less than a week before – but at least 24 hours before the workshop – I’ll give you a credit note to use for another course on a date and place of your choice (within 12 months).

And at the last resort… if life hurls stuff at you at the last minute, and you’re forced to miss the class, get in touch as soon as you can, and I’ll give you a 50% discount when you rebook.

* * * * * * * * * * *

** Oh, by the way, an important thing for you to understand is that your personal information won’t be sold, loaned, given away, leaked, or left on a train. It stays locked up safe and sound.*

Whatever questions or concerns you have, let me know by email or phone, and I’ll do my level best to answer queries and solve problems.

US: 1-760-20-7229 (until 31 January)

UK: +44 (0)7531 899552 (1st February onwards)


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