Full of life – in one day!

If you could learn how to cure the feelings of loneliness that plague you, in a single day, in the company of like-minded people – how much would it change your life for the better?

If you’ve lain awake in the early hours, heart banging with terror at the prospect of yet another day of isolation, looking ahead to a bleak, lonely future and the ultimate terror of dying alone, unloved and not missed…

If you’ve lain next to your partner but felt more isolated and disconnected than if you’d been alone, and cried yourself to sleep from the pain of it…

If every day is a grinding slog because there’s no-one to look after, no-one who needs you, no-one to love…

If the pain of missing someone is enough to make you wonder if life is worth living any more…

If you had all the money and success and fame and a milllion followers, and still felt empty inside and desperate for a true friend who loved the real you and not the public image…

If you’re trapped somewhere you don’t want to be, even in your own imprisoning body…

If you’re busy all day, surrounded by people, but feel invisible, unheard, isolated…

If a single day – eight short hours – could change you, so that at last you understood, you learned how to fill up the emptiness inside you, so that you begin to draw other people to you… wouldn’t that be a fantastic day?

What you need for the day

You don’t bring anything to the workshop except your own self. Everything you need, you already have. The only qualification you need is to be human, and alive. But you’ll work hard and you should be pretty tired at the end of the day – after you’ve explored, joined in, encouraged and helped, played, laughed, thought and imagined and discovered. And eaten a delicious lunch, with home-made cake for tea. It’s worth it just for the cake. (I’m kidding, but it is yummy.)

What the day gives you

The workshop will give you first-aid tips (ways to lighten the lonely feelings short-term), but more importantly it will show you the long-term cure and begin the process there and then. It’s a lifelong process of discovery and wonder, but when you leave the workshop you’ll be looking at the world through new eyes, feeling strong and full of life. You’ll have found the sun inside yourself, and once you have felt its warmth, life will never be the same cold lonely place again.

What happens afterwards

When you’ve discovered how full of life you are, it will begin to shine out of you, and other people will notice. You’ll see the growing difference in how people respond to you.

The day is only the start of things:  by the end of the day I guarantee that you’ll feel better than you did at the start, and know so much more about yourself and others that these eight hours will change your life. How much, is up to you – you are the one and only person who can make the changes you want. But you never need be alone afterwards – you’ll have a circle of people to keep you on track, help you focus, offer you support and have a laugh with. Maybe a cry, too. And you’ll do the same for them.

And you can come back for a refresher whenever you need it – when something happens to knock you off track, when sod’s law trips you up, come back and get a booster (btw everyone who’s been on this first key workshop will get a discount on all booster days).

What’s better still is that after the very first day you can pass the tips on to others, connect them to the circle at the same time as you connect to them. That’s the way we’ll spread the cure to the hidden epidemic of loneliness and make our world brighter, warmer, closer.

Book now – dates in February and March, with more to come in the Spring.

Full of life, how to banish loneliness for ever, live life to the full


2 comments on “Workshops

  1. I’ve never heard of loneliness workshops before, what a very unusual idea.

    • Thanks for finding this blog, too – and for your kind comment. Loneliness is a tricky one – most people find the whole idea rather scary and even if it’s something they suffer from, mostly they don’t want to admit it even to themselves… But here are things we can do to banish it, and workshops are the best way of learning. Do you know people who’d be interested in Scotland?

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