Valentine schmalentine

It’s round the corner – here’s how to have a great day – full of life, whatever…

14th February has become yet another commercial touchstone, turning winter into gold for giftshops, restaurants, florists, perfumiers, jewellers, chocolatiers – anyone who can think up a link to romance, sex, hearts and flowers, Cupid, Eros and the great search for love.

Valentine’s Day… hmph.

What about those of us who won’t get a card or a bunch of roses? Who won’t get wined and dined, or be given gifts?

What about those of us who will get a card and maybe a gift and maybe go out to eat somewhere expensive… but only because we sort of have to? Because we’d be in the doodoo if we didn’t?

Next to Christmas and birthdays, Valentine’s Day is the day most likely to make us feel lonely. If we’re already lonely, it can make us feel worse than usual. It hurts.

If you dread Valentine’s Day, don’t just sit there and let Cupid shoot poisoned arrows at you.

You have options! (read more…)

Try these instead, and reclaim 14th February as a good day for you, not the commercial world.

Get a really delicious massage – aromatherapyhot stones, whatever puts you in the best mood.

Come to a Full of Life workshop in Bucharest (14th) or Brasov (Sun 17th).

Get your neighbours round to try a new recipe – make and eat together.

Take your camera, go out for a walk and look for details: textures, colours, numbers, reflections – anything that makes you really look.

Explore a town or village you’ve never been to before.

Make a big fuss of your pet. Long walk, lots of play, grooming, a treat for supper, a new toy or collar… show them you appreciate them.

Have people round for a Scrabble supper.  

Find a child, or an adult that behaves like one, and go see a kids’ movie.

Ask a couple of people you don’t know well at work to come round for a cheese and fruit lunch. Get to know them better.

Take a sibling, grandchild, grandparent, friend (no diabetics!!) on a chocolate hunt.

Clear out a room, cupboard, shed, office or attic that you haven’t tidied for, er, years. Put on some loud music and have a blast.

Go visiting at a hospital or hospice with some flowers – call ahead to find out if there’s a patient who doesn’t have many visitors.

Go to the garden centre, buy seed trays, potting compost, seeds and other bits. Sow your flowers, veg, salads or herbs now for an early start in the Spring.

Ring a friend you’ve lost touch with, and arrange to meet.

Start your novel.

Take a pencil and a pad and go sketching at the nearest art gallery, museum or church.

Interview your local baker, furniture restorer, glassblower… any craftsman or woman – and write up the interview for your blog, parish mag or local rag.

Have a long, luxurious, scented, candle-lit bath with a glass of wine, a large gin and tonic or a fruity cocktail.

Above all – enjoy your day, enjoy your peace or your party, your own company and that of others.

Celebrate Singles Awareness Day – on the 14th, or the 15th as a minor revolt against the 14th…

Organise your own International Quirkyalone Day is a feel-good alternative to the marketing barrage of Valentine’s Day and an antidote to the silicone version of love presented by the media. If you are single, International Quirkyalone Day is a call to arms to celebrate the possibilities available to single people today.

How will you be spending your day on 14th Feb (if you’re not coming to the workshop in Bucharest)? Send me a photo!


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