A big hug, a light touch

The best medicine

Hugs are supposed to be great. The best hugs are great. But are we too scared to give each other proper, heartfelt hugs?

How do you like yours?

I like huggers who hug gently but completely. A hug of kindness, from top to toe, long enough for the kindness to sink in. A gift of a hug, that gives energy and kindness and doesn’t take. A hug that doesn’t hurt or strangle. A hug that leaves me tingling with life. A hug I want to repeat…

A hug should be two-way, that gives and receives at the same time.

But a return hug should be received, not taken. Do you get the difference? Receiving the love or kindness from your hugger is allowing them to give; taking  from your hugger is a bit like a vampire sucking the life out of a victim.

‘Give me a hug’ is the cry of a needy person. “Let me give you a hug” is the offer of a generous soul.

Heartfelt hugs are life-affirming, kind and loving

The best hugs feel safe and warm, gentle but firm, kind, giving, open, no-strings, head to toe, wholehearted and heart-felt. The best hugs are  life-affirming, reviving, reassuring, generous, sharing, unconditional kindness.

Who’s your favourite hugger?

Who can you hug right now?


Now there’s a robot to hug

This is a hugvie. Give one to your elderly relative and they can hug this instead of you. Is this brilliant innovation and a solution to a chronic problem, or a symptom of society gone bananas? The price quoted in this piece from Khaleej Times is a bargain £37, so would you buy one or several? For your kids? For your parents or grandparents? For you??


Does the world drive you mad? (Bit 2)

English: Looking for the next victim, Omagh Th...

Looking for someone to wind up? Or keeping the town working smoothly? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead of being furious with the world and everything in it, turn the dial 180 degrees and sympathise with what or whoever is driving you bonkers.

Objects that are being obstreporous really aren’t. You might be clumsier than normal at the moment; perhaps there’s a sun flare and everything’s a bit haywire; maybe the mistake was yours because you were distracted, or depressed, or anxious. There are times when things need a damned good thrashing; there really are. But it won’t really help unless the act of thrashing said sorry object has relieved your frustration…

People… ah, people. Designed to drive one up the pole, round the bend and into a blue fit. But mostly they don’t mean it. The snotty-nosed heap of parrot droppings who is testing your sanity may have limitless reasons for being irritating, smug, useless, lazy, dense, abusive… etc., et al., ad inf. Almost none of those reasons will have any connection to you. Your misfortune is come up against said heap when it is incapable of doing anything else but vexing you.

This is applicable to friends, colleagues, bosses, traffic wardens, complete strangers and call centre staff. It doesn’t necessarily apply to family, who know precisely what will wind you up and to what degree. For family and anyone else who won’t call the police, give them a big hug and a chocolate, and ask them what you can do to cheer them up.

Where I’m going with this (and I’m sure you’ve been wondering) is that going through one day, let alone your whole life, feeling murderous or merely peevish is not the way to win friends and influence anyone. It won’t help feeling resentful towards everybody because you’re not them and they don’t understand how shitty your life is. If they cared before, they won’t give a damn once they’ve endured a few of your snide comments or churlish remarks.

So lighten up. Smile. If you can’t bring yourself to smile, watch this. (All you need to know is that the music playing on their radio is The Stripper). If a smile doesn’t cheer your tormentor, then smile anyway and don’t get sucked into their misery. There’s enough in the world already.