Fantastic videos

I’ll add new links here as I find them – or as you tell me about them (please!!).

The links will often take you to TED Talks, which is a fantastic collection of videos showing people talking and teaching their particular thing. All these videos line up with what I show you in my workshops, and with what’s in my thinking about happiness, connection, loneliness and being full of life.

These will give you great insights into how we, you – humans – behave, think and react, and might give you clues about little things you can do to change in big ways. Each talk looks at a specific issue that has something to do with loneliness and connection or happiness. You might be surprised, even astonished, by what you hear. You could be persuaded to change your thinking, even change your life.

Shawn Achor explains how positive psychology shows that we don’t need to wait for ‘success’ to be happy: in fact, being happy now means you will find success more quickly and enjoy it more. Important! (and he’s funny) 

Amy Cuddy explains how your body language is both dictated by your unconscious mind AND how your deliberate choice of body language can change your presence in the world, your actions, and the consequences. Great stuff.  

Dan Gilbert talks about the scientific reality of being happy. Who’s happy, why and when – carefully observed and analysed – may surprise you. It certainly teaches a powerful lesson.


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