About this site

Over one billion people feel lonely, so you’re in a big club. Pretty much everybody alive feels lonely sometimes; some people feel lonely all the time.
This site examines loneliness, the feelings, the effects on your life and on your health, and invites you to suggest ways you have of coping. Little first-aid tips, big ideas, what’s essential to you and ideas you want to share.
Please post your comments. It will be great to see a debate about this worldwide epidemic that can be so crippling that it needs to be highlighted, researched and supported.

I’m in the process of writing the book that offers a solution – working title Full of life – how to banish loneliness – and the help you give me here on the blog could well influence the book. There are workshops, too, of varying lengths from an hour’s taster to a five day intensive. So if you or someone you know wants to stop feeling lonely and live to the full, here’s where you’ll find out how.


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