Valentine schmalentine

It’s round the corner – here’s how to have a great day, regardless.

14th February has become yet another commercial touchstone, turning winter into gold for giftshops, restaurants, florists, perfumiers, jewellers, chocolatiers – anyone who can think up a link to romance, sex, hearts and flowers, Cupid, Eros and the great search for love. Valentine’s Day… hmph.

What about those of us who won’t get a card or a bunch of roses? Who won’t get wined and dined, or be given gifts?

What about those of us who will get a card and maybe a gift and maybe go out to eat somewhere expensive… but only because we sort of have to? Because we’d be in the doodoo if we didn’t?

Next to Christmas and birthdays, Valentine’s Day is the day most likely to make us feel lonely. If we’re already lonely, it can make us feel worse than usual.

But don’t just sit there and let Cupid shoot poisoned arrows at you.

You have options! (read more…)



3 comments on “Valentine schmalentine

  1. Cate says:

    I’ll look forward to your cautionary tale!

    Today was actually rather sweet: At the place where I pick up coffee on my way to work, the staffers were handing out a Hershey’s chocolate kiss with each cup.

  2. Cate says:

    I have fond memories of the Valentine’s Day, not long after I moved to the Washington, D.C., area, when I noticed commuters clad in their business attire and clutching roses in their hands…and wearing expressions that would have better suited a trip to the dentist. Perhaps they were just exhausted, or perhaps it was the weight of expectations. Who know?

    And I remember too well the one and only time I received red roses for Valentine’s Day…from a man I was about to stop seeing. Uh-oh.

    On a happier note, nowadays I like to create Valentine’s Day cards for my nephew, nieces, and friends. It’s fun to come up with a new theme or idea each year. In fact I’ll use any excuse to send someone an original card!

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