Blog for mental health – no more stigma

mental health, blog for mental health, mental illness, depression, loneliness, isolation, alientation, lonely feelings, full of life, dying of loneliness, bored and lonely, stuck, friendship, connection, well, ill, suicide, suicidal, feelings, emotionsI pledge my commitment to the Blog For Mental Health 2013 Project.  I will blog about mental health topics not only for myself, but for others.  By displaying this badge, I show my pride, dedication, and acceptance for mental health.  I use this to promote mental health education in the struggle to erase stigma.

After five family bereavements in 14 months, I had a melt-down in 2008 which had a serious impact on my business, on friendships and work relationships, on my finances and my whole way of life. It resulted in a huge change – leaving the country and starting a very different life in Europe. The peace and clarity of the mountains gave me back the ability to think, but it took years to reach the point of being able to go back into the ‘real’ world. For many reasons, I wouldn’t turn the clock back as, despite the bad bits, I have learned so much and found so much good in the process. I would only wish to undo the damage I unwillingly caused to others.

This blog is a major route to putting something back, to sharing what I’ve learned and, maybe, giving people some new options to getting out of deep ruts.

Two good ones to read:

Knocked over by a feather

A canvas of the minds


11 comments on “Blog for mental health – no more stigma

  1. moersalin says:

    am I too late to be part of this campaign?
    there is no campaign again stigma in my country. when someone become mentally ills, we just put them on a jail, chain and throw to the jungle.

  2. indytony says:

    I just took the pledge myself and I’m now visiting my comrades blogging for mental health.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts. Perhaps we can encourage each other.

  3. […] Blog for mental health – no more stigma ( […]

  4. Thanks for the pingback. I can identify with some of your experience and process and really appreciate why you are doing this.

  5. […] Blog for mental health – no more stigma ( […]

  6. edgeledge says:

    We need to embrace mental health and understand it more, not shy away from it and ridicule those who suffer from any form of mental health issues. Your blog is something that can help get this message out, well done. When I get time I will read all the links. Thank you.

  7. Ruby Tuesday says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and taking the pledge. I’m very happy to be getting to know so many new bloggers through this, and I’m excited to see what else you have written!

    • Arabella says:

      Thanks – it’s great seeing all these bloggers out and loud…
      My blog is specifically about loneliness, but it’s such a widespread feeling and part of so many variations of mental illness. Chronic loneliness can lead to mental illness, too, and carries a huge social stigma.
      Good for you for starting and spreading the campaign!

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