Answers to the 50 questions

Amaryllis Turman has posted her answers here to the thought-provoking questions I posed earlier.

Here’s one I particularly like:

16. How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy? <Amaryllis> Sometimes people don’t take the time to appreciate the small things but an accumulation of small joys can create a large mound of happiness.

How about you? Care to add some of your answers?


4 comments on “Answers to the 50 questions

  1. Arabella says:

    Good point, and to some extent I agree. I can’t take the sentimental hearts-and-angels stuff that has sprouted all over the place. I like the unsentimental stuff that I see much more, stuff that makes me challenge my prejudices and think about what’s what. Not to mention that ‘happiness’ is not my goal. Happiness can mask all sorts of stuff and (to my mind) is a transient emotion that doesn’t always go very deep. What I’m after is joy. Semantics? Maybe, but to me joy is deep and not easily lost, once discovered. Joy isn’t the result of an event or winning or having a good time.
    Joy is something more like the spirit of life and the sheer energy that washes through the world Joy doesn’t mean you’re always happy – it can be masked by sadness or frustration or anger at times, but it’s there underneath.
    It’s the opposite of fear, which underlies most negative emotions, most of the time, for most people. Sounds like I’ve got the answers, doesn’t it? I wish. But I think I know what I’m after, and I think it’s joy.
    Does that make sense to you?

    • Jan says:

      Maybe it’s just the words we use. We might mean the same thing but use different words for it? The way you describe joy I think I would call contentment. To me contentment is a state that CAN be sustained. Happiness is short lived – maybe in terms of a holiday? When pressures are off and we can do precisely what we want to do for a short time. Joy to me is momentary – seeing/holding a newborn baby (especially when you can give it back ;o) ) watching a beautiful sunset – moments like that to me are pure joy – when there’s no time for anything else to interrupt.
      To me the happy clappy stuff on facebook and the like serves to remind us of the underlying contentment, place of inner peace, call it what you will, that is always there. Those reminders can be useful in a possibly otherwise fraught time. I appreciate them and sometimes share those that particularly resonate.

  2. Sometimes I get tired of all this “happy talk.” Life isn’t about being happy 24/7. It’s about other things like reaching goals, overcoming obstacles, etc. Sometimes all the Happy stuff on facebook makes me want to gag. Seriously.

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