Does the world drive you mad? (Bit 1)


Do you feel like throwing the world out of the window, most days? If people and their doings are driving you nuts, then you’ll be feeling pretty stressed, and maybe when the rage subsides you feel – what – depressed, tired, listless, anxious, miserable?

People do seem cuckoo much of the time – they’re irrational, illogical, inconsistent, unreliable, dim, lazy, bad-tempered, obstructive, aggressive, poisonous, incompetent…. Need I go on?

It’s enough to drive you completely nuts.

But… it’s not personal. They’re not out to get you, on the whole. They’re probably having a bad day and you get in the way.

If you snap, growl, snarl and whine your way through the day, people will start crossing the road to avoid you. God knows there are enough reasons to be crabby, but it’s just life. You can get sucked into it, or you can float above it.

If you respond to madness with fury, then the madness can go nuclear, and your ulcer gets bonus points.

So don’t. Be different. Surprise the mad loon and save your sanity.


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