New blog title, new approach

I’ve discovered that no-one likes the words ‘lonely’ and ‘loneliness’. The majority of those who feel lonely would rather die than admit it (and sometimes they do). Some are even too scared of the idea that they deny it vigorously.

Although I’m getting some brilliant comments and wonderful people following, I’d love as many people as possible to read the blog and benefit from it; the obvious thing is to change its name to something positive and attractive.

I was listening to Bill Harris explaining the way we think about things, about the human subconscious being unable to process the negatives ‘no’, ‘not’, ‘no more’ and so on. Our minds grasp the phrase ‘no more loneliness’ but only the word ‘loneliness’ sinks in. So that’s what our minds think we want more of. Think of it this way…

There’s an elephant living in your bedroom. You find it gets in the way and makes life difficult, so you say to yourself: “I don’t want an elephant in the room any more.” You think of a lovely life without that bloody elephant making a nuisance of itself and cluttering up the room. But because you can’t imagine a negative, you have to think of the elephant in the room to be able to tell yourself that you don’t want it there. You can’t think of no elephant, can you? Your mind produces the image of an elephant. That’s how we think. We have to imagine the thing that we don’t want before we can state that we don’t want it. But there it is, in your mind’s eye, and that’s what you keep getting. Maybe you’ll get a second elephant, maybe this one will just stay there, making more mess and getting in the way.

Which is why I’ve changed the name of the blog. Loneliness means different things to each of us, but the essence of not being lonely, not being unhappy, not being depressed or apathetic or stuck, is to be full of joy, full of energy, full of zing, full of life.

You’ll see my user name has changed, too, from nomoreloneliness to Arabella FullofLife.

Hang around, there’s lots more to come.

Have a lively day!


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