External solutions to internal problems

I read lots of articles, blog posts, surveys, reports etc about loneliness every day. In every single one the potential solutions offered are external. Turn to God; join a club; take up a hobby; lose weight, buy these clothes; volunteer; get a dog; get online… Most of these help, at least temporarily; some are red herrings. But none of them do the job properly.

That’s because feelings (including feeling lonely) are an internal process which only YOU can control and change. Unless you learn to control your feelings (which are chemical reactions inside your body) even the most romantic, the most profound, satisfying relationships will only offer you happiness while they last. Even the busiest of social lives or the most consuming work will only keep the lonely feelings at bay until you come to rest or get home.

The only answer is to get inside yourself and discover the truth about connection, life, love and being human. We’re all right, you know, every one of us. At heart, deep down where it matters, we’re fine. We’re full of life, and never alone. If only we could remember where we left the key to our inner world, eh? 


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