The stigma of being lonely

Do you feel it? Does the feeling of loneliness make you frightened not only of being lonely, but of people knowing it? When I talk to people about loneliness and my interest in finding a cure, responses fall into three broad categories:
a) two seconds of thinking time, then ‘wow! tell me more!’;
b) ‘oh, yeah?’ from people who have never felt lonely and don’t understand the problem;
c) ‘Er… mmm… uh-huh…’ from people with terror in their eyes, who know what I’m talking about but are scared of admitting to it. They tend to find somewhere else to be quite quickly. The first lot, the ‘wow!’ lot, want to talk about it, tell me their stories, and hear what I’m suggesting as a solution.

What’s your experience? Have you found that people are scared of loneliness?


3 comments on “The stigma of being lonely

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  2. hurtorheal says:

    Come on then, what are the solutions?
    I find myself distancing from others (typical depression) but I’m trying much harder to stop it. Whenever I get really low I send a text out to about 20 people I haven’t spoken to in a while and wait to see who replies. Not only do I forget who I spoke to (so I don’t get insecure if they don’t reply) but say four or so people reply I feel like I mean something to them still xxx

    • A cunning plan, if you fancy some telecontact. Of course you mean a lot to your friends, even if you don’t talk to them for ages. Proper friends, anyway. You may think you don’t, but that’s a bogus idea prompted by a bad feeling. You’re all right. You really are. I’ll get down to the solutions – keep reading. xxx

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