A hollow man

I wonder sometimes why people feel the need to be spiteful and small-minded; comments made by AA Gill about the TV presenter Mary Beard put him in the Fragile Ego spotlight, and in my view, he has made himself ridiculous. Literally, ripe for ridicule. Laughter is the only response to people like Gill; serious consideration of his opinion is a waste of energy.

Actually, Gill’s attitude prompts pity; an ego so fragile suggests a large empty hole inside him which makes him feel terribly threatened by someone like Mary Beard who doesn’t feel she has to conform to current media norms of botox, cosmetics and wardrobe fascism. Not to mention being a woman with a sizable brain, and one who can communicate her knowledge and her love of her subject.

She is well-liked, successful and apparently happy in her skin. One imagines that Gill might claim to be all that and more, but people at peace with themselves don’t need to humiliate others to make themselves feel better.

So let’s show kindness to AA Gill and wish him peace and joy. May he find a cure for the emptiness that engulfs him.

As for Mary Beard – good on yer, girl. A role model for our times.

What do you think? Is Gill justified, or ridiculous?


2 comments on “A hollow man

  1. hurtorheal says:

    Having had the great fortune to meet Mary Beard I would like to affirm that she isn’t ugly. Far from it, she’s just a woman who is happy to grow old gracefully. The article she’s written just about says it all. My favourite line ‘even the greenest of my students would not present me with an essay as ill-argued and off the point as Gill’s critique.’ She destroyed his argument and stayed classy doing it. Makes me proud to be a woman xxx

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