No, I’m still alive, honest

Apologies for the long absence. I’ve been travelling, and it’s been a mad trip. My social whirl for the year – fabulous, exciting, stimulating, and inspiring. Lots of amazing new people and even more amazing long-time friends. Then the three-day drive home, and peace. It takes me about a week to get over it, and this time the week will culminate with my birthday (Friday, if anyone’s hankering to send parcels). Lots and lots of new ideas to explore, so I’ll crack on. Look forward to your comments…

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3 comments on “No, I’m still alive, honest

  1. Liz Finch says:

    Happy Birthday!! Thanks to your healing hands, I’m walking miles again! xxx

  2. JC says:

    It was a Grand Tour was it not?! Covering many thousands of miles & benefitting from UK summer-like Spring (now winter-like!). Always an eye-opener: to return to the auld country & to leave one’s comfort zone. People watching & listening….new & old. Sensible remarks anon x

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