Existential angst – good or bad?

Jeannette (in her comment on the previous post) makes the point that prolonged loneliness has negative physical consequences, and that this is backed up by various research studies. Quite right – once it becomes chronic it is a hidden disability. But short periods of loneliness can be positive. When good friends leave here after a visit, I miss them. I enjoy my solitude, but good company leaves a hole for a little while.

And there are occasional bad days – yesterday, for instance. It was dark and gloomy because of the (much-needed) continual rain; I’d had a horrible dream; the cats weren’t talking to me because I’d had a short but fierce argument with one of them… It was a lonely moment when I wanted to be back in Blighty or out in Kathmandu where I’d had such fun recently. But it was a spur to sort some stuff out, to get cracking on the book, to light a fire and cook a yummy supper – and I knew that it wouldn’t be long till the bad feelings went. Sure enough this morning it was still raining, but all was well, despite having to cough up £100 for work on the car and getting stuck in the mud. Yesterday that might have been the last straw; today it was funny.

Feelings change; and where would the songwriters be without feelings, good and bad?

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