Prescription for Happiness

Prescription for Happiness.

Another lovely post from a happy young thing – Aimee, a student in Manchester. Great advice, although not always easy to follow. Listen to the birdsong and think  about the possibilities that come with Spring.

Which of Aimee’s recipe ingredients do you use most often?

Which ingredients do you struggle with?


2 comments on “Prescription for Happiness

  1. shannoncity says:


    Most often:
    Nature sounds, exercise – Easy. My job is very physical, outside, solitary, every night/morning.
    Dark chocolate – Another easy one..:)
    Apple – Now and then, sure.
    Smile, fake or not – Yes. I try not to look as mopey as I feel. Nobody likes a sad girl.
    Writing – Sort of, I write a thesis about things I enjoy…

    Hugs – Like, who? :´(
    Sleep – I don’t sleep, I work.
    Writing thankfulness – I’m caught up in bitterness over being so alone..

    • Then I wish you chocolate and a beautiful spring day. I’ll reply again later – am having breakfast on a motorway in Hungary at the moment en route to UK.
      Thanks for posting – really appreciate your answer.

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