Hurrah for 50

As for putting myself out in the world, I think the only thing we can do is embrace being vulnerable and hopelessly flawed. I’ve learned to say, “Sure, I’m a total screw-up, but I accept it. If you want to read about it, fine by me.” I’m now fifty-one years old so it’s time for me to be liberated from worrying about what others think of me.”

ArLynn, a wordpress blogger who learned to get over her agoraphobia in a spectacular way last year – sums up the big bonus of hitting 50. And hits on one of the keys to overcoming loneliness. We’re all big sloppy squishy failures, even the shiny glossy successes, who are just lots better at disguising their flawed humanity than most of us. Stop waiting to be perfect and launch yourself at the world, warts and all. Do it with a broad smile, and that’s what people will see before they notice anything else.


3 comments on “Hurrah for 50

  1. rebecca says:

    hurrah indeed!

  2. phoenix143 says:

    Well said Abbs. And what a great recovery story. Saw your other blog. Love your stuff

  3. Ruth says:

    Love that-as I near 50!!! x

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