Rootless and disconnected

During my two weeks’ travelling back in the UK, I kept an eye on myself for any stray feelings of loneliness. I clocked them a couple of times – both when in a busy public space, one when I was at Heathrow walking for mile upon barren mile from aeroplane to bus station and wishing I had someone to make me laugh at the unnecessariness (nb made-up word) of it all; the other at Lime Street station feeling a bit like a Triffid, without the stabilising grip of my roots.

It’s surrounded by people that I find the lurking danger of loneliness, not in the warm solitary bubble of my mountain existence; for me it’s the feeling of being disconnected, an invisible stranger in my old home. It’s the conjunction of familiarity and lack of connection that does it – a reminder that we all need to belong.

Where do you belong – do you have deep roots anywhere?


3 comments on “Rootless and disconnected

  1. phoenix143 says:

    Welcome home. Love this one as I moved so often in life that I never had roots. But it was real training for living alone. i can entertain myself for hours. Judy

  2. I have never felt like I belonged…anywhere. Growing up we moved a lot. I was different in so many ways from my brothers. My mother favored one while my father favored the other and I was ignored and neglected in the meantime. As a teenager and young adult, I never liked or did the same things as others my age. That has never changed. I always feel disconnected from others.

    • It was only when I got to my village for the first time that I realised what ‘roots’ meant. It was to do with the geology of the place – it felt the same as my childhood home. I don’t think that’s possible in urban surroundings because you’re cut off from the earth in a city and have too many outside influences. The other thing to say is that it’s not just about connecting with other human beings. Life’s all around you, and if you search, there’ll be other living things you can get in touch with.

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