Be a connector

This is a lot easier to say than to do, if you’re not particularly confident. But it’s a great inspiration. Being a connector is very different to being a networker: the latter collects names and numbers but a connector puts people in touch with each other.

What’s the difference? Networking can be a selfish pastime, meeting people for the sake of building your database, focusing on business and always with an agenda. Connecting people is fun, but it doesn’t necessarily benefit you in the short term. But if you’re in the habit of connecting others you do build a network of fans who have you to thank for the favour.

Doesn’t it sound like a remedy for loneliness? Introducing people and letting them walk off leaving you behind… maybe it sounds a bit counter-productive. But believe me, people who know you’re a great connector will always be delighted to see you. It’s a win-win habit, and a lovely way to met new people – because your connections will return the favour and introduce you to new connections in return.


2 comments on “Be a connector

  1. phoenix143 says:

    Hey Abbs your timing could not be anymore perfect. I did just this today letting someone go earlier than I wished but a lot longer than they were supposed to be. It felt good to connect them up with someone I know has their answers. And somehow lessons the grief a little bit. Hope you are having an amazing time I know the cats are. Smirk.

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