Get out of your rut

Do you get into a rut when you’re feeling bad? A circular sort of rut which has its own downward spiral, letting you wind yourself further into it… Feeling lonely can make you curl in on yourself and focus on the misery, so you need to break out of the rut and get out of your head.

How to do that? One way is to develop curiosity, an interest in the world outside yourself. Notice things, question things, wonder about things. Watch: observe birds and insects – watch the way their lives work. Listen to the sounds of the world around you; notice the texture of things and how it makes you feel. Notice the feelings working in your body – where do you feel lonely? how do you feel happy? When you get absorbed in the world you inhabit, you realise after a bit that you’re not feeling bad any more. It’s really hard to feel negative when your brain is busy looking outward. Try it. I bet you can’t


5 comments on “Get out of your rut

  1. phoenix143 says:

    Absolutely true. Hope all is well in the village. I enjoy your stuff so much.

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