Speaking for many

David Lloyd has written movingly about grief and the search for contact. Anyone who has been through bereavement will recognise his desperation to find some way of keeping hold, reconnecting, trying to recover the part of one’s self that is ripped away by a death.

Have you tried something similar? What’s your experience?


2 comments on “Speaking for many

  1. David Lloyd says:

    Thanks for reading this. It is, I agree, quite a raw account of my search for understanding amid the chaos death interrupts your life with. I’m surprised at just how it throws every certainty into question. And I’m nowhere near finding resolution. But I’m a great believer in walking right through the middle of grief, or of any problems – for that is the only true way to break them down, examine them and, hopefully, come to some kind of truce.

    • What a remarkable approach you have – most of us aren’t that brave. If only there were rules about how it all works, and how to cope. But the only thing I can tell you is that good things come out of all the sadness. My life changed in remarkable ways after my sister died, although it took time. It was the hardest thing that’s happened to me, but the lessons learned were priceless.

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