One great remedy

One of the great remedies when you’re feeling lonely and a bit miserable is to relish the fleetings joys of life. It’s so easy to get into a pattern of misery and apathy when the whole world seems gloomy and everything in your life seems dull, dark or threatening. But noticing the tiny moments of delight in everyday things will lift you out of your gloom for a moment or two. The utter delight in daily beauty – sun lighting up flower petals; the physical satisfaction of a good stretch; the comedy of cats playing; the emotion of great music… So many, many things that cost nothing and are worth so much – gifts we ignore every day unless we look for them. Absorbed in something exquisitely lovely, charming, amusing or evocative, you are taken over by the moment – and you forget to feel lonely. There’s no room for misery when… read more


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