Look forward to a cure

Hello, good day, and welcome. This is a blog about loneliness – or rather, curing it. If you know anyone who’s lonely, or you’ve ever felt lonely yourself, you will have a good idea how horrible it feels and how it affects your life, and even your health.

I’ve been thinking, researching and developing a programme to help people cure themselves of loneliness, but I need your help. The blog isn’t about me – it’s about you, and people you know. I want to hear about other people’s experiences of loneliness, and how they cope with it. I will share bits of research, quotations from writers, philosophers and artists about their lonely feelings, wild ideas, thoughts, curiosities, speculation, news of campaigns, and much more. So I hope you’ll share, too.

Who am I? I’m an English writer and teacher, living in a remote mountain village in Transylvania, five miles from the nearest town and a long way from friends and family in England, where I lived until 2010. My neighbours called me pustnic, which means hermit or recluse, and it’s true that I love my solitude and last year rarely ventured out of the village except for basic shopping. It’s great seeing friends who come to stay, and I love meeting people who are visiting the village and come for a cup of tea or a bit of lunch. But it’s always good to be alone, living quietly and simply in my little Carpathian bubble, far removed from the world of urban pressures and stress. In April 2011 my brother in law said that if I could explain why I was able to live alone, and in such a remote place, and not be lonely, other people would be intrigued. The idea took root, and here we are.


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